About Us

The front desk at DeKalb ClinicEven common illnesses demand the careful eye of the specialist. When we're sick or injured we all want the studied, experienced eyes of a doctor and staff that are focused on our particular condition. That's why the DeKalb Clinic has assembled a team of vibrant professionals, dedicated to the highest quality of patient care, continuing research, and education.

Our community of specialists produces a commitment to excellence throughout our staff. We know that when questions arise we can go to other on staff professionals, consult and refer in order to bring the very best medical care to each of our patients. At DeKalb Clinic you'll find nutritionists working with OB-GYN's, surgeons working with internal medicine physicians and pediatricians working with allergists to provide quality, coordinated care for all our patients.

Our commitment to excellence doesn't stop at our physicians. From our nurses to our medical records staff, our staff has received specialized training in order to deliver the personalized care you receive every time you visit.

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