Seasonal allergy symptoms may make you feel run down and miserable. These symptoms may include: facial pressure or pain, nasal drainage, headache, coughing, nasal congestion, sneezing, and itchy irritated eyes.

Treatment is available to ease your symptoms and make your allergies manageable. Call (815) 758-8671, ext. 3300 today and make an appointment to see Dr. Peter Baum, the only Board Certified Allergist/Immunologist in DeKalb County.


The DeKalb Clinic Allergy/Immunology Department's philosophy centers on preventative medicine. Rather than immediately placing a patient on allergen immunotherapy injections, a complete patient evaluation is followed by a regimen of environmental controls. If required, the judicious use of newer and safer medications may be initiated. If this proves insufficient, then the allergen immunotherapy may be used.

DeKalb Clinic has always believed in high standards of patient care. Our dedicated staff of RNs are trained specifically in the field and have an average of 25 years experience. The average visit to the Allergy/Immunology Department begins with an evaluation of the patient. A pulmonary function test or allergy tests can be performed in the same department, on the day of the initial visit.

The Allergy/Immunology Department also treats acute reactions to insect stings and may institute venom immunotherapy in select patients.


Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways. In the United States, asthma affects 14 million to 15 million persons. It is the most common chronic disease of childhood, affecting an estimated 4.8 million children (Adams and Marano 1995; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 1995). People with asthma collectively have more than 100 million days of restricted activity and 470,000 hospitalizations annually. More than 5,000 people die of asthma annually.

As a specialist in prescribing asthma, Dr. Peter Baum is particularly well trained to deal with complexities of asthma in both adults and children.


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